1 August 2021 | Tirana, Albania

Let’s talk / listen about graphic novels in Albania

The third day in Tirana was focused on the project topics, because one of the most important aspects of this project is the connection between the different artistic environments involved and the knowledge of local comics history. There were held the two main meetings of the gathering in Albania.

The first meeting was entitled “Meet the local artistic environment”. Here, the concept of the project and the advantages of the cultural network created by the project were presented, the problems related to graphic novel in particular or graphic arts in general were identified. During the meeting a detailed presentation was made on the history of graphic novels in Albania by prof. Shpend Bengu (one of the most influent person in promoting and supporting the cultural and artistic movement of comics in Albania) and was followed by a discussion between young Albanian graphic artists and artists from partner countries in the project: Romania, Belgium, North Macedonia and Serbia.

The second activity that took place was the debate on “Cultural and social clichés and stereotypes in the Balkans”, where a discussion about Albania was held and a summary of the debate which took place in Leskovac, Serbia in June.

In both meetings, in addition to project participants from Romania, Belgium, Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia, there were also invited local artists, professionals such as: Shaqir Veseli, Artur Dauti, Fatmir Boshnjaku, Ergys Faja, Shyqyri Sako, Llazar Taçi, Oltsien Gripshi; but also young artists Iris Boshnjaku, Erion Kumuria, Anila Qose, Ena Bulku, Sofia Thano, Juerd Guri, Enida Kreku, Anila Qose, Albi Bleta, Dea Pishtari, Frenki Hoxha, Viktoria Nikolla etc.

CAN for BALKANS meeting in Tirana, Albania: