15 October 2021 | Brasov, Romania

Comics in the service of communist propaganda?

In the festivities hall of the Brasov County Council headquarters there was the the press conference of the Brasov International Historical Comic Strips Festival and the debate “Cultural and social clichés and stereotypes in the Balkans”, the last one from the project.

The guest were: Adrian Cioroianu – former Romanian foreign minister, UNESCO ambassador, historian, politician, essayist and … comics screenwriter; Dorian Koci – director of the National History Museum of Albania; Marko Stojanovic, comics author and director of the Comics School in Leskovac, Serbia; Vane Trajkov coordinator of the Comic Center of Macedonia and Nicolae Pepene – historian, comics screenwriter, author of the CAN FOR BALKANS project concept, manager of the Brasov County History Museum and director of the Brasov International Historical Comic Strips Festival.

In the audience there were also the members of the project partners teams, as well as Romanian and foreign comics artists and journalists interested in comics art.

Dodo Niță is a comics critic and comics historian, the author of the History of Romanian Comics, of the Dictionary of comics, authors and of several monographs of authors and publications. He was one of the most suitable to present the cultural and social clichés and stereotypes in the Romanian comics.

Shortly it became an open discussion with the audience because such an interesting subject couldn’t help but start a debate through which everybody discovered several different perspectives and new information. The most challenging and interesting topic: comics in Romania in the service of communist propaganda!

Evaluation meeting in Brasov, Romania: