15-16 October 2021 | Brasov, Romania

As a comics work is not complete without all the scenes, so our project couldn’t be complete without so many people coming together for the same reason and for the same big passion for comics.

This year Brasov International Historical Comic Strips Festival wasn’t international only through the works of international authors who were participating at the competition, but thanks to the CAN for Balkans project, through all the international artists that were present at this meeting and with witch the Romanian artists and audience could interact and hear their presentation and stories.

The interesting presentations that could be heard and seen were prepared by : Marko Stojanovic about the „Veşnicii” series; Vane Trajkov, about the editorial productions of Comic Center of Macedonia, Oltsen Gripshi, presentation ,, A panoramic view of the history of Comics in Albania”; presentation of the activity of the French Lecturer within the University ,, A.I. Cuza” Iași; Isabelle Debekker (director of Comics Art Museum Brussels), presentation about the European Project „Comic Art Europe”; Romain Dutter (France), about Goodbye Ceausescu and Jeroen Janssen (Belgia), presentation „My Comrade Che Guevara – genesis of an album”.

Also some of the best Romanian comics artists and other artists had the opportunity to present they works and latest comic books in front of the festival and project audiences: Alexandru Ciubotariu, children’s book collection edited by ,,Casa Radio”; Daniel Horia about his first book „My golden age”; Bogdan Iorga, presentation of the animated film ,,The Blured Side of Napoleon!”; Puiu Manu (the longest-lived Romanian comics artists who is still drawing, being 93 years old) about „Ion Vodă Cumplitul” (new edition, remade from the original drawings); Radu Olteanu, the most important Romanian illustrator of historical reconstruction, presenting his latest work ”Burebista’s Getae and their world”.

Evaluation meeting in Brasov, Romania: