Comic Center of Macedonia – Veles

Comic centre of Macedonia with position in Veles is formed in 2002 as an ancestor of STRIP ART LOVERS’ CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATION “COMIC” formed in 1995.

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Background and aims

The organization’s mission is popularization and development of the comic and comic culture through publishing, library activities, educative activities and exhibitions.

The Comic Centre of Macedonia is found with a purpose to use of comic in many segments of public life.

The Comic Centre of Macedonia aims to make the comic more popular inside and outside our borders. Therefore it is supporting the authors in organizing their work as well as promoting the latest achievements from the world and home comic culture in front of the public and the comic fans in North Macedonia.

Past activities

  1. Published 16 numbers of magazine “STRIP ART” including a particular special number. In this catalogue the comic by authors from ex -YU countries as well as authors from France were presented.
  2. Published 30 numbers of magazine “COMIC CREATOR”
  3. Published many comic books on Macedonian, Serbian and Albanian language
  4. Organized 19 international showrooms for comic with guests from many countries. On these showrooms except the exposition part, debate s about the development and the role of this comic at the Balkan region was organized.
  5. Educational comic workshops:
    • MULTI -KULTI- financed by FOSSIM-SOROS
    • Project “Through comic to communication and friendship” supported by program IERSE (Interethnic program). This project was financed by: SOROS together with KING BOUDAIN, ALLAVIDA, and CHARLES STEWART MOTT).
    • “ROMA RIGHTS THROUGH COMIC” .Similar project financed by Royal Netherlands embassy
    • CULTURE- ROMA’S-COMIC – financed by Roma cultural program from SOROS –Budapest
    • COMIC-STRIP ON MISSION FOR ROMA INCLUSION’ financed by Roma cultural program from SOROS –Budapest
    • Project “Comic-strip and inclusion IN, Xenophobia and discrimination OUT” financed by Youth Response to Xenophobia and Racism in Europe program (SOROS Budapest)
    • Comic art as a creative tool (CIVIKA MOBILITAS 2017)
    • Creative comic art campaign YOU WILL BE GREEN AGAIN, MACEDONIA!( current)
  6. Other Educational activity
    • First permanent comic school in R. Macedonia- financed by Ministry of culture of R. Macedonia and own recourse and b) Comic workshops – multiethnic:
    • Remark for all above mentioned projects – catalogues with created works were published and exhibitions in places where young authors lived were organized.

International activities

  • Project “BALKAN’S COMIC BRIDGE” financed by EUROCULT-Amsterdam 2007
  • “NEW COMIC NEIGHBORHOOD”- financed by EUROCULT-Amsterdam, Netherlands 2009