Brașov County History Museum, Romania

Brașov County History Museum is one of the most important cultural institutions of Brașov County (Romania), gathering in its collections the largest mobile historical heritage of Brașov County (159,255 cultural assets) and it’s also the leader of Brașov museums according to the criterion of total annual number of visitors, including young beneficiaries and students.

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The exhibition spaces are arranged in the Council House, the Weavers’ Bastion, the Graft Bastion, historical monuments of national importance, and starting with 2018, in the building of the former Olimpia sports base in Brașov.

international relations


From the international relations portfolio we note the project “I was a citizen of Stalin town” (2016-2017, European Commission, the program “Europe for Citizens – European Historical Memory”, partnership with the National Museum of History of Albania in Tirana, Dunaújváros University, Regional History Museum Varna and Katowice Miasto Ogrodów), which was declared a model of good practice in Romania, and the itinerary of the exhibition “Queen Maria, irresistible ambassador of Romanian history and folk art” (2018-2020, Dublin, Quebec, Washington D.C. (Institute of Peace), Pennsylvania, St. Paul, Chicago, Maryhill Museum of Art, Paris (Romanian Embassy), Brussels in the “Justus Lipsius” building – the main headquarters of the EU Council and the General Secretariat of the Council.

unconventional activities of capitalizing on


Brașov County History Museum is appreciated nationally also for the unconventional activities of capitalizing on history. Among them, “Gala Brașov 1987”, “International Festival of Historical Reenactment Brașov”, “Bastion of Artists”, “Olympia – Museum of Sports and Mountain Tourism” but also “International Historical Comics Festival” (2018 – 2021, main organizer, together with the Forums Association), publishing the largest collective comics album in Romania, “Stories from 89” (2019), and the national itinerary of its outdoor comics exhibitions.