About the unconventional forms used by Muzeul Judetean de Istorie Brasov in presenting history and especially about CAN for BALKANS, the album “Stories from 89 in comics” and the Festivalul de Benzi Desenate Istorice Brașov appeared in Bulgaria an extensive interview given by manager Nicolae Pepene.

We thank Mrs. Elena Vladova for the interest given to our activities and we are convinced that this article represents the beginning of a beautiful collaboration.

When asked by the reporter what he thinks unites the Balkan world, our manager answered:

”What unites the Balkan world? The Open call for artists has been launched and I don’t want to influence the choices of the historical subjects. The artistic research is definitely essential and if it is well done, it offers very pleasant surprises. Then the interpretation of the subject matters too.

In my opinion, the Balkan peoples have the same flaws but also the same qualities, and when I think about what unites them, I start with common mythology. Of course, the great roads of the Balkans were the routes of invasion used by the medieval Ottoman armies, but also trade routes that brought knowledge and wealth to Europe. In recent history, communism has been a disease that has affected all the Balkan states, including Greece, which remained on the borders of the free World but was devastated by a civil war.

I hope that the artists will also see subjects outside the European Balkans, “exploring” Balkan Europe and even Balkan presences in places far from the borders of our continent.

And, to conclude in a playful manner, in agreement with the Romanian writer Andrei Pleșu, who believes that cooking and music could become final arguments for Pax balcanica (Balkan peace) I urge artists who does not identify subjects in political history to inspire them, to search the passion for the Balkan world.”

So artists, museums, comics festivals from Bulgaria, we are waiting for you in our network.

More about our Open Call here:https://www.canforbalkans.eu/call/


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