20 August 2021 | Veles, North Macedonia

The almost end of the summer brought the CAN for BALKANS project teams in Veles, North Macedonia

Official opening of the 3rd Comic colony “Veles 2021”

The 3rd Comic Colony “Veles 2021” officially started on 20th August, organized by the coordinators of Comic Center of Macedonia, Mr. Vancho Trajkov and Mr. Tome Trajkov, in which several young artists took part (many of them award-winning comics artist), under the mentorship of Aleksandar Stevanov, comic book author, graphic designer and comic book chronicler from Macedonia. On the opening day, guests from the partner countries in the CAN for Balkans project were also guests of the colony.

Guest of the colony was also Gani Jakupi, a famous screenwriter and comic artist from Kosovo, who lives in Belgium. During the colony, the attendees had the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as to show and promote their work. The colony was held at the Memorial House of Kasapovi and lasted until August 23.

The house of Kasapovi is a house that had the most attractive architecture for the 19th century.

CAN for BALKANS meeting in Veles, North Macedonia: